Students in class


Mobiliz-Ed China is an educator-driven social enterprise dedicated to making rich academic content and engaging learning activities accessible to motivated Chinese high school students and their teachers. Developed for the Fazheng International Education Center, the project’s initial focus is English, the global language that Chinese students planning to study abroad must master at a high level.


Mobiliz-Ed China is in the process of building a library of teacher-developed interactive apps and cross platform content. We also group our resources so that they correspond directly to high school English courses and curricula.


Modiliz-Ed China is developing digital curricula and teacher-built apps for the Android platform. Students can use these devices alongside traditional learning tools to improve their English Language learning experience.


Mobiliz-Ed China is dedicated to fostering a 21st century global learning experience. We seek to blend the best of Chinese and American educational practices and digital, mobile media is a tool we use to reach that goal.